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Micheal's Story

Micheal, a 13 year old boy suddenly developed chronic diarrhea, a distended belly, sitting by the water bowl with excessive drinking and howling and, he was losing weight rapidly despite eating extremely well. Micheal did have blood work done and the only factor that the vet revealed was hyperthyroidism. He wanted to start him on a synthetic thyroid hormone replacement but Micheal’s mom refused to do so as she knew that this would only mask the underlying issue and cause further harm to his body. 

After I reviewed Micheal’s blood work, in addition to the hyperthyroidism, it showed that he had extreme adrenal exhaustion aka Cushing's Disease which stems from physical, chemical and emotional stress. His neutrophil and monocyte levels were extremely high which means he had several infections throughout his body which explains his chronic diarrhea. His sodium levels were through the roof which explains his belly full of fluid and excessive drinking. 

Micheal's diet was changed, a detox and nutritional program was implemented along with several natural forms of antibiodics to combat all types of infections and extra thyroid supporting nutrients. 

Micheal started showing improvement after just a few weeks on his new health regimen, but it isn't until 7 months later that he has shown a full recovery. Micheal no longer sits and cries by the water bowl, no more diarrhea, no more fluid in his belly and he is slowly putting muscle and weight back on.