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Mont's Story

Mont is a 10 year old polydactyle stud. He was always extremely outgoing and playful growing up but his personality seemed to have changed over the years. Even though he's always been a large boy, one extremely noticeable physical symptom that he had was his abdomen distention. It seemed to be much larger than before and his breathing was rapid at times. He often would make loud hacking sounds which was thought to be hairball related. He also became less social, almost skittish and would often run from his wet food when placed in front of him to eat, almost as if he was in pain. It was time for blood work to see what was in fact going on. 

Mont's blood work showed end stage liver disease which is why he had acites and he had adrenal exhaustion, caused by long-term physical, chemical and emotional stress. He also had a mild form of asthma which explained the hacking sounds he made. 

Mont was put on a species appropriate diet,  along with a full supplemental and detox program that included extra liver, adrenal and lung support. To help with the emotional aspect, Mont was able to start going outside with mom for a "breather" and to get some much needed exercise. 

A year later Mont is thriving now more than ever. He is back to being social and even trotting in the yard.  The fluid in his belly has disipated and he no longer has liver disease. His breathing is back to normal and he never misses a meal :)