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Boo's Story by Boo’s Mom

My Boo is 12 years old & had none of the classic symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease but her Vet swore she had it and said that it must be diagnosed to treat properly.  I was told diagnosis would required exploratory surgery. I fought this for 6 months and finally agreed to it because she was losing ground (weight loss & ongoing high white blood cell count), which I now know was partially due to his uninformed “treatment plan”.  The surgery was a nightmare and I thought Boo might never recover much less be a happy kitty again. It wasn’t until after the exploratory did Boo start having classic symptoms of IBD! The surgery was the straw that broke the camels back and yet, still had no answers and no treatment plan for my girl. I then reached out to not one but two holistic vets, one being a mobile vet, in hopes they might be able to help Boo with alternative measures since mainstream medicine basically left Boo to die.   

 The first holistic vet did her own blood work testing and also failed to inform me of all the imbalances and health issues that were shown. Although a few nutritional recommendations were made and this was a step in the right direction but with Boo being at end stage, this was not enough to pull her out of the chronic health condition she was in. 

The second holistic vet came to the house as an "Emergency visit" at an "Emergency price". She reviewed her previous blood work results and said that she is a “tough case” but that she would contact Boo’s primary vet that did the exploratory surgery and get back to me.

Would you believe that I never received that phone call from her?! So much for an emergency visit! 

Then I learned about Lynn. She analyzed her blood work like no Vet ever has and told me what the real problems were - barely any IBD! But what her blood work did say she had - hypochlorhydria, hypoglycemia, several forms of anemia, arteriosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, metabolic acidosis, muscular dystrophy, liver & kidney failure, secondary cardiomyopathy and a severe electrolyte imbalance - this especially was taking her little body down the quickest.  Not one of these issues were ever brought to concern let alone addressed by any of the vets we had seen. 

Lynn provided supplements, advice on replacing the horrible vet prescription cat food that was literally causing her organ failure, got her off of meds that were harming her and created a plan for regaining her health. It’s now a little over 3 months and Boo’s eating well, regained over a pound (she was down to 4.5 lbs from 6 prior to surgery), no vomiting or diarrhea anymore, and she’s “perky” again. Her kidney values have drastically improved on her most recent blood test. She has many on-going health issues but I’m now confident we can deal with them through good diet, supplements, and natural care.  I will not be returning to any vet unless Boo seems to be on her death-bed and I have no other option – they are untrained in diet, health and diagnostics and only treat symptoms in the most drastic & harmful ways.

I was very thankful on Thanksgiving for Lynn, I truly believe she saved Boo’s life. 


*A note from Lynn: Helping Boo and her mom holds an extra special place in my heart for many reasons, one being that she loves Boo beyond imagination and knowing all her efforts to help her little girl yet, having had the same outcome that I always had. Also, I had an extremely similar experience with a rescue cat that I lost prior to my knowledge with health and recovery. I had him for several years; he slept by my side every single night. He was there with me through thick and thin, he was my little shaddow. We had a bond that is indescribable. He also had similar issue's as Boo and he was a Siamese too! 

"Meaz", was my boy; he was my heart and soul and always will be. But, sadly I lost him due to a misdiagnosis at the vet in addition to the pharmacutical lasix. The lasix initially saved him but ultimately took his life as it completely destroyed his balance in electrolytes and also, because the underlying condition was never addressed. If I knew then what I know today, my boy would still be here with me - talk about a broken heart.   

Time and time again, I have needed help saving one of my babies and the medical system had nothing for us. There was no one else around to help and therefore, they also are no longer with me today. Any other pet parent like myself and like Boo’s mom, views their pets as their children and they know first hand what an emotional weight this loss is to carry throughout life. No pet parent should have to endure this kind of heartache, meanwhile our innocent babies should not have to suffer.

Yes, Death is imminent, it’s a part of life but suffering should not be. And losing our loved ones many years prior to their due time is what makes accepting their death that much harder. 


Even though I've never met Boo, I love this little girl as my own ❤️.