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Daddy's Story

Daddy was part of a local colony of cats that was cared for by a senior community that loved them very much. A non-animal lover called animal control and had all of the 10 cats trapped, Daddy being one of them. Lynn's Animal Rescue was already speaking to the Board about us TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) the colony of cats on their property so they would not continue to reproduce and would be able to live their life out where they called "home". 

During this time the cats were already being trapped by the township and being brought to the local kill shelter. After being granted a two week extension from the shelter, we were able to save all 10 cats from being euthanized. To our astonishment all 10 were severely ill with upper respiratory and calici virus. Their mouths were glued shut with puss, severely dehydrated, bones protruding--it was clear they hadn't eaten or drank a thing since being trapped and brought to the shelter (who could blame them!). It took a rotation of all our volunteers to take shifts around the clock for 3 weeks giving the babies antibiotics, sub-q fluids, vitamin injections and syringe feedings. Everyone made a full recovery including Daddy.

We had each cat altered one at a time as they gained their strength; some were adopted and some were re-released as they were not socialized - therefore not fit to be adopted into a home. Daddy happened to be one that was adoptable so he was neutered, vaccinated and went into foster care. It wasn't until about 3 weeks later after Daddy was neutered and vaccinated that his whole body broke out in hot spots and the self-mutilation began. Daddy was taken to several vets, had blood work and various tests performed and was put on several rounds of antibiotics and steroids with zero changes in his condition. The vets were stumped with his condition so Daddy had no choice but to continue being wrapped daily with bandages to prevent himself from self-mutilating and causing endless skin infections. Foster mom did this for over two years - day in and day out not knowing what else to do for him and with no end in site. She was trying holistic remedies and such but nothing seemed to help. Daddy came to me at his worst, scratching and licking himself any chance he could get but, I knew I would be able to give his body what it needed to be able to heal itself...

It took a long 6 months of TLC which included a healthy appropriate feline diet, a full spectrum detox and lots and lots of nutrients. 

The outcome: Daddy made a full recovery!!!