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Milo's Story

 Milo - a 10 year old sweetheart, was recently diagnosed with a severe case of diabetes and his mom Shelli, reached out for my help again.  (Simon is Milo’s brother that I helped previously)

A full analyzation of Milo's blood work on my part showed diabetes, hyperparathyroidism, jaundice, biliary duct obstruction, vitamin B6 deficiency, thyroid/adrenal dysfunction, dehydration, kidney disease, liver disease, hyperphosphatemia, metabolic acidosis, severe hemolytic anemia, boron deficiency, congestive heart failure, B12 & B9 deficiency, iron anemia, selenium deficiency and a chronic bacterial infection. 

The only factor the vet mentioned was diabetes and wanted to set up an appointment to go over the insulin injections.  When Shelli told me this, I assured her that together we could heal Milo as long as his little body had the healing time to give. 

We didn't need to change food since Milo was already on the appropriate feline diet for several months from when it was changed with Simon. I made Milo a specialized nutritional and detox protocol for his conditions and went over for a visit every week to test his blood sugar at home to be sure his insulin was coming down as expected.

Milo was never put on insulin as I explained to Shelli that giving him insulin would only mask the reason why his body wasn't able to produce this critical hormone anymore and that disregarding the root issue would only cause further decline in his long term health (as if his body could handle anymore health problems!). Now if medical nutrition didn’t exist or was not an option (as nearly no one knows about it or even believes in it) then yes, insulin would have been needed to buy Milo more time here on earth but, the rest of his body would have continued to break down. 

After 6 weeks on his nutritional program, Milo was no longer diabetic! We still have a long way to go to heal all of his chronic conditions but Milo's fur is no longer sticky and greasy, he is gaining weight and he is greeting his family at the door again. Shelli continues to follow the recommended diet and nutritional program with all of her kitties...