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Simon's Story

Simon, a 16 year old sweetheart, had urinary blockages growing up and eventually had to have surgery to fix the symptom. As time went on since the underlying cause of the urinary dysfunction was not addressed, he began to have coughing spells which sounded like it could be asthma (you could actually hear the crackling sounds in his lungs).

Simon's mom Shelli, took him to the vet yet again. They did more blood work and gave him an antibiotic injection, a steroid injection and of course, vaccinated him. Simon's cough gradually got worse and then he developed a common feline condition called Stomatitis--a degenerative inflammatory mouth disease. Each month that passed the inflammation became more and more severe to the point where Simon could barely eat because the pain was so bad.  

As an example to portray to others who are unaware of his god-awful disease: Stomatitis causes a fear to eat because the inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes is so severe that even opening their mouth a tiny bit causes excruciating pain. It is common for them to run from their food dish while screaming in pain and standing on their hind legs while pawing at their mouth. For an animal lover to watch this happening is like being stabbed in the heart!

I’ve had to witness numerous cats with this condition over the years and even with the thousands of dollars spent in vet visits, blood work, x-rays and dentals along with the abuse of the antibiotics and steroids, the pain and suffering these poor cats had to experience was NEVER resolved.

Simon's mom continuously took him back to the vet over and over for the stomatitis condition and had yet another blood test done. And what did the vet give him? More antibiotics and steroids! His body doesn't have an antibiotic and steroid deficiency which is why the treatment didn't work and it's why their treatments never work!

The vets last resort treatment for stomatitis which often relieves future pain to some degree, is a full mouth extraction of the teeth because they believe that teeth are the reason causing the mouth inflammation--I just shake my head in disbelief. 

Simon being as frail as he was went in for surgery, had all his teeth removed and was given more antibiotics and steroids. To no surprise, Simon declined even further after the surgery. The drooling became worse, he began spending his days hiding in the dark basement and was barely eating except for a few licks here and there.

A few weeks later he was brought back to the vet for an after surgery "check-up" and the vet looked at him and said, "I am sorry, I don't know what else to do for him".  

Around this time Shelli had asked me to pet sit (we used to be neighbors). When I went to visit Simon at his house, he was screaming bloody murder in pain while pawing at his mouth on his hind legs, nearly emaciated. I knew at this point Simon was going to die if he didn't have a nutritional intervention immediately. 

I asked Shelli for a copy of his blood work and after fully analyzing the data I was appalled at the results and the fact that not even one of the abnormal values were ever mentioned!

According to Simon's blood work he had--Sepsis, hepatitis, vitamin b12, b9 and b6 deficiency, liver disease, arthritis, hemolytic anemia, thrombosis, addison's disease, tissue necrosis, kidney disease and malnutrition. Seriously!!! - Not ONE of these factors were mentioned! As an animal lover, Simon’s pet sitter and animal advocate, I am NOT okay with this! 

I called Shelli right away and told her he is at extreme risk for a blood clot and that she needed to get him on the nutrients immediately. His most recently decline was due to the sepsis as it was in full gear; he was dying from the systemic infection. I asked if I could take Simon home with me to care for him around the clock to stabilize him and of course his mom agreed. 

I was extremely nervous that the car ride and new environment was going to stress Simon out but we didn’t have a choice. I set him up in my computer room with fluffy blankets, a window perch and with smooth jazz music around the clock. I immediately started him on a specific injectable antibiotic that would target the systemic infection and that also has anti-inflammatory factors. I also gave him sub-q fluids daily along with injectable vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. I had no choice but to do injectable form because it was impossible to open his mouth to get medicine in when he couldn't even open his mouth to eat. After several days of the injections, the inflammation started to slowly subside and he began eating a very small amount every day. He was on a strict anti-inflammatory diet loaded with the essential nutrients and many extras that targeted inflammation, digestive and organ health. I also removed all ingredients in his diet that cause digestive disorders-- this would ensure that his intestines would begin to heal and he could start absorbing nutrients and fully digest his food. 

Every day Simon showed a little more progress. He was eating more and more which meant he was getting more and more nutrients into his body; therefore his body would be able to start the healing process. 

After 8 weeks of intense nutritional therapy, Simon made nearly a full recovery! He was eating full cans of cat food several times a day - loaded with the nutrients. He also was no longer hiding and was seeking attention; it was time for Simon to go back home. 

I showed Shelli exactly how to continue his long-term care of what food he could have and what nutrients to give. I also showed her how to give sub-q fluids and injectables. 

I now stay in extra close contact in case they need anything and also because I’ve become so close with Simon, I love him as my own. 

Simon continues to thrive at home and this to me, is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer.