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Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Are you tired of going to the Doctor and the Vet with symptoms that are never diagnosed or resolved?

Then you have come to the right place as I can help you learn step by step how to heal your body, your loved ones including your pets - with science-based clinically verified medical nutrition.

Most Americans have lifestyles that barely leave time to breathe, let alone time to research and learn. There is not enough time to question - we naturally just trust in the authorities to know what’s best and to protect us. But, it usually isn’t until someone has a catastrophic event in their life that forces them to become aware of what is going on all around them - and this is why I am where I am today. It is also why I feel that it is my moral obligation to share my research findings and facts of what is really going on, with as many people willing to listen. One of my goals here is to help you become aware of the truth, empower you with the knowledge necessary to prevent disease as well as substantially increase you and your loved one's odds of a successful recovery when your health is failing. I will help you to understand how MD (aka Medical Doctor) directed medicine works and how ND (Naturopathic Doctor) medicine works. They each have their place, their strengths, and their weakness. The only thing necessary for you to figure out is which form of medicine is most suitable for your situation, and the only way to do so, is to have a clear perspective on the philosophies and treatment strategies of each.


Remember – from the proper perspective, everything becomes crystal clear.

The History of Medicine

In the 1800's and the early 1900's the medical marketplace in the United States was quite different than it is today. The Naturopaths (ND's), the Chiropractors, the Osteopaths, the Herbalists, and the Allopaths (MD's) were all competing for patients, recognition and turf. Many times the competition between medical practitioners from different camps would even spill over into violence. In the 1800's, a medical group in Boston used a cannon aimed at the front door of their competitor’s hospital to coerce them to cease and desist what they were doing. Even though there was a lot of competition in those days, the medical playing field was relatively level, and no one had the upper hand. In the second decade of the 20th century (1910-1920) there was a dramatic shift of power in the medical arena, and everything changed. A gentleman named Abraham Flexner was hired by The Carnegie Institute to tour the country and compile a list of all of the medical schools and hospitals that practiced MD directed drug delivery medicine. This of course was well before the age of the internet, the airplane and the interstate highway system. Flexner traveled the country mostly via train and stagecoach. Five years after he started, Flexner returned with his list (historically referred to as “The Flexner Report”). The Carnegie Institute subsequently donated millions of dollars to the medical schools and hospitals on Flexner’s list. Other groups like the Rockefeller foundation followed the Carnegie Institute’s lead and donated large sums of money to the medical schools and hospitals that delivered MD directed synthetic drug treatments. Can you guess why? The Carnegies and Rockefeller’s were heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies. It was a brilliant move - for them. Within 10 years of the Flexner Report, the medical stage in the United States had completely shifted in favor of the MD's. By 1920 the medical turf war game was over, the MD's were squarely in the driver’s seat of medicine and have been there ever since. Most Americans, being unaware of the history of medicine, mistakenly assume that MD's are in the driver’s seat of medicine because their treatments are better than those of their competitors. Current disease statistics prove that this couldn’t be further from the truth. MD's are in the driver’s seat of medicine only because of financial coalitions that were organized at the turn of the 20th century. In other words, MD's own their predominant medical and social status to pharmaceutical drug money. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, we are in the middle of a health care crisis in the United States. If you do not think that we are actually in a Health Care Crisis, consider the following: * The leading cause of bankruptcy is the high cost of medical care. * The leading cause of harm is MD directed medical treatments.1,2,3,4 * The third leading cause of death is medical errors.6 * The US spends almost three times as much per person on health care as every other industrialized nation in the world and we are second from the bottom in the health of our citizens.5 * The war on all chronic diseases, including cancer, has been lost.7.8.9 The root cause of our country’s Health Care Crisis has nothing to do with Medical Insurance or a lack thereof, nor does it have anything to do with the high cost of MD directed medical treatments. The root cause of our Health Care Crisis boils down to 3 simple facts: 1. MD directed pharmaceutical medicine does not work in the treatment of chronic disease. 2. MD directed pharmaceutical medicine is the only system of medicine that our hospitals provide, that our medical insurance pays for, and that most people even know about. 3. The American Medical Association has successfully orchestrated a 100 year long slander and smear campaign against all of their “alternative” competitors. If you are not an MD, you are a labeled (by the MD's) as a quack, and your profession is outlawed from the practice of medicine. This has made the average person hesitant and suspicious of anything other than MD directed medicine.


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Branches of Medicine



 Medicine is analogous to a tree - there are many different branches and each branch possesses it's own tools and methodologies. It is extremely important to understand the different types of Doctors and what form of medicine they have been trained in and practice. I will discuss the two most distinct branches of the medical tree below as they are both important depending on what form of treatment the patient is looking for.

1) Medical Doctors aka MD's, practice a system of medicine called Allopathic medicine - mainstream western medicine. This form of medicine is practiced in all 50 states. This system of medicine uses pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions (drugs and surgery). Treatment provides the suppression of symptoms and pathophysiologic processes of disease or conditions. The MD's training and focus is on disease management and treating the symptom with pharmacuticals and surgery. This form of medicine is imperative for emergencies and trauma care. It is of their belief that the body is not able to self-regulate and self-heal under healthy conditions so therefore drugs and surgery are needed. Allopathic practitioners have a Doctor of Allopathic Medical degree from a four-year graduate medical school. They then complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical licensing. Medical Doctors are amazing at what they do - if you need emergency care or surgery, they are the most appropriate Doctor to go for care.

2) Naturopathic Doctors aka ND's, practice a system of medicine that is natural, non-toxic and non-invasive. This form of medicine is only legal in 16 states and 4 provinces re the Flexner Report. This form of medicine provides the body the raw materials it needs to self-heal and self-regulate as nature intended. The ND's training and focus is "Do no harm" along with proactive prevention, comprehensive diagnosis to find the cause. Treatment is with science-based, clinically verified medical nutrition. It is of their belief that the body is able to self-regulate and self-heal under healthy conditions. Naturopathic practitioners have a Doctor of Naturopathic Medical degree from a four-year graduate medical school with admission requirements comparable to conventional medical schools. In addition to the standard medical curriculum, naturopathic students must also do extensive coursework in natural therapeutics such as 150 hours of nutritional training. They also complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical licensing. Naturopathic Doctors are amazing at what they do - if you have a chronic condition and are looking to heal from it or you are looking for preventative measures, they are the most appropriate Doctor for this type of care.  

Our Depleted Soils


A nutrient is called essential if the human body cannot make it on its own. They are essential because they form an integral part of one or more enzymes involved in a metabolic or biochemical process in the body. Minerals especially are essential nutrients that must be imported into the body on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons that we need to eat food. We can get a minimal amount of the essential nutrients that we need from our food, but, it is impossible to get all of them from food and in the much needed optimal doses. This is because the 60 essential minerals that we need to get into our bodies every day are only found in the soil and the water. Man can not make minerals and neither can plants or animals so, if the minerals are not in the soil, they are not in the plants grown in the soil. If they are not in the plants, then they are also not in our food and if they are not in our food, they are not in us. And, due to modern agriculture and lack of crop rotation, the number of minerals in the soil continuously decline each year. Another point of fact - Nutrients added to our food and that is in most supplements, are in synthetic/unabsorbable form, void of the necessary co-factors and in such small percentages, there is no way for the body to prevent or heal from a diseased state. Our bodies can live for many years in a depleted state but, it can not maintain health and integrity let alone heal from any disease with these factors.


According to US Senate Document #264 written by Rex Beach at the 741h Congress, 2nd Session, in 1936, “The soil is so nutritionally deficient of minerals that it will Not supply the necessary nutrition for good health.”


This was in 1936 and it only continues to get worse with modern agriculture. But even 300 years ago, when the soils were relatively richer, there was no soil anywhere in the world that contained all 60 of the essential minerals. This is because minerals are laid down in the soil in veins or patches. The first row of corn might have 13 minerals in the soil. The second row could have 22. The third row could have 7 – and so forth. The corn only needs 6 minerals to grow. We need 60. Hoping to get all of our essential minerals just by eating from the 4 food groups is a fool’s game. You will lose that bet every time. While we are on the subject, here is an interesting factoid concerning minerals. In the soil, a mineral (like calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium) exists in its metallic molecular form. Metallic mineral molecules are not easy for the human body to absorb and utilize and, if we have any type of health condition that impairs conversion, even less is absorbed. However, when a plant sucks a metallic mineral out of the soil, as it metabolizes it, it transforms the metallic mineral into something called a colloidal mineral. Colloidal minerals are over 95% absorbable and can easily be utilized by the body. Guess what form of minerals are in our drinking water, added to our food, our pets food, and in most supplements we buy? Metallic, inorganic which are unabsorbable minerals and without the needed co-factors. Ingesting metallic minerals end up collecting in our tissues, arteries, and organs causing toxicity and calcification. So, when you see "added vitamins and minerals" to any food product, do not be mistaken, they are added in inorganic form. Again, no one tells us this. Sick soils mean sick plants. By definition this also then means sick animals and sick people. Physical, mental and emotional health depends largely upon an ample supply and proper proportion of nutrients in the correct form within our diet and without this, disease has no other option but to occur. This is why we must supplement.

Nature of Disease

-This is NOT what nature intended-

Just as a quick example, when we have something as simple as gallstones, our medical system's treatment is to just remove the gallbladder and no one bats an eye - they unwittingly go in for surgery as if it's no big deal. This, in fact, will take care of the symptom but, it does nothing to address why gallstones were forming in the first place. The only reason gallstones formed in the first place is because the body ran out of the key nutrients that are needed for gallbladder health - this is the foundation in the prevention and dissolution of stones. One extremely important fact that we all have missed in this case is that the removal of the gallbladder will create a recipe for disaster as far as long-term health goes. This is because the body needs the gallbladder to perform many important functions and metabolic processes in the body. Yes, we can in fact live without a gallbladder but, we are not told that this will in fact tax & decline other systems in our body, ultimately causing other degenerative diseases to silently brew. Our medical system along with society is not taught to focus on the cause or prevention of disease, we've been taught to use quick fixes with pharmaceuticals and surgery. Using this form of treatment for a chronic disease does not "fix" the problem as we believe it to do so - it only masks the problem. We routinely and unwittingly eat foods that hurt our bodies and we avoid the foods that our body needs because we have trusted professionals (who have had no training and no clinical experience in nutrition) to tell us what to eat. The older we get, the sicker we get, the worse the quality of our lives becomes and then we die in a drug-induced fog because we are in so much pain that we just can’t handle a morphine free moment. The “Golden Years” are looking more like rusty iron than gold. This is not what nature intended yet it's not only accepted, it’s expected in our culture. Just about everybody in this country is sick. Sickness is so pandemic that we have all collectively adopted the false notion that poor health is a normal part of life. The only medicine that our insurance pays for is incapable of helping us to recover our health. Our culture leads us to believe that nutrition has nothing to do with the appearance or disappearance of disease but little do they know that proper nutrition is the key to health and longevity. It is the magic bullet that eliminates nearly all chronic disease (as nearly all chronic disease is caused by toxicity & nutrient deficiencies). Most everything we and western medicine are taught about nutrition is completely wrong. The key to a healthy and long life is nutrition; the proof is in the pudding is in the eating. Our medical system is completely clueless about nutrition, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that they are completely incapable of helping us to eliminate chronic disease – they are only able to help us manage it by suppressing the symptom.  The human body (and our pets) require essential nutrients and enzymes daily to function properly and maintain health. It is impossible to get all of these nutrients from our food.  With the passage of time, unless nutritional supplements are added into the diet in the correct form - with all the needed co-factors and, in optimal amounts, the body will inevitably develop nutrient deficiencies.  When the nutrient deficiency is left untreated, depending on the level of our own personal nutrient reserves, something breaks and disease is borne. If the deficient nutrients are put back into the body before the diseased tissue reaches the point of no return, the body will repair itself and eliminate the disease. Here are just a few of the most common diseases that affect our nation today - many of which never existed prior to the 20th Century. Today 1 in 2 Americans have at least one chronic health condition and 1 in 4 have multiple health conditions - all of which are preventable and reversible through the application of a full spectrum nutritional program along with an appropriate dietary regimen.


To name just a few -


* Osteoporosis * Fibromyalgia * Rheumatoid arthritis * Kidney Stones * Insomnia * Carpal Tunnel * Depression * Kidney Disease * ADD * High Blood Pressure * Osteo-Arthritis * Acid Reflux/GERD * Migraine Headaches * Asthma * Autism * Celiac disease * Type 2 Diabetes * Alzheimer's * Dementia * Heart Disease * Obesity * Liver Cirrhosis * Thyroid dysfunction * Anemia * Glaucoma * Cancer



Our average lifespan has flatlined at 75.5 years, even though we have the biological capacity to make it to 120-140 (disease free) - yet nearly no one is aware of this. The belief is that we are living longer and we are if you are considering life prior to the 19th century. But, we are still not even close (only half way there) to our true genetic potential and we are falling apart along the way. According to Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York, "Human life expectancy peaked around 1997 with the death of the oldest woman at the age of 122 and since, life expectancy is plummeting". Average “life expectancy” is much different from “maximum lifespan”. Resources and technology today should be focused on lengthening health-span and the duration of old age spent in good health yet we have done the exact opposite.

The Wisdom of the Mind & Body

All of the mass workings of the human body are orchestrated automatically and unconsciously all of the time by the wisdom of the body. Nerve transmissions, breathing, heart rate, respiration, hormone secretion, digestion, immune response, brain waves, etc., are all happening without our permission, or intervention, every second of every day. The human body has also evolved over time. Our immune systems are stronger than those of our ancestors (up until the last two decades), our brains and bodies are larger as well. We grow, we adapt, we change and it is all completely out of our conscious control. The symptoms that the body generates when it is sick are a prime example of the wisdom of the body. Remember, a symptom is how the body shows us that we have run out of an essential element and something has gone wrong. It is a natural and spontaneous occurrence that the body is generating of it's own free will and therefore, a prescription drug can not take the place of nutrients - especially not when the soul force of the body and all of its functions work as a whole and are ultimately contingent upon nutrition and environmental factors. We are told that everything is “genetic” because our medical system does not know how and why we developed the condition that we have - so it must be “genetic”. Truth be told - nearly all health ailments are actually “epigenetic”, not “genetic”. Epigenetics cause health conditions to develop due the expression of our genes - this is soley based upon nutritional and environmental factors. What this entails is that we have the ability to turn our genes on and off in the way of their expression. Now keep in mind, genes may be unfavorably turned on during conception in which we get from both our parents but, we have the ability to change the expression in this case as well. We also inherit our mother’s nutritional status, so whatever nutrition mom has an abundance of or is lacking in, is passed down to her children. This is why the “genetic” theory often makes sense when family members develop the same health conditions. We also grow up eating the same food as our family members and with nearly the same environmental exposures. As with all symptoms & disease, it is the cause that is completely misunderstood by our medical model and so, the MDs also do not know that we have the ability to change the expression of our genes; therefore we did not know this - until now. Logically speaking yet again; if in fact disease was “genetic”, wouldn’t there be less and less not more and more? There are more than 950,000 MD's in the U.S. and there is approximately 2,500 ND's in the U.S. as of 2016. There are over 300 Million U.S. citizens. Now you know why there is a health care crisis in this country. If the Naturopaths treated just one person per minute, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, there would still be people left over who needed help. There are just not enough hours in the day to realistically help everyone, and this is why health coaches like myself are doing what we do. People and their pet's lives are destroyed by lack of knowledge. They are sick, suffering and dying early - needlessly. This is why it is my moral obligation & passion to help as many people and animals as I possibly can.